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Community Service

From time to time, the Financial Planning Association of the East Bay promotes and participates in Community Service Projects.  Please check this page often to see what's currently going on. 

Oakland Financial Planning Day

Since 2008 Members of the East Bay FPA with the help of the Oakland Mayor's Office, several California Assembly members and their staff, and numerous volunteers, have worked together to promote financial awareness and preparedness to the people of the East Bay Metro area. The event gives attendees free, unsolicited, one-on-one opportunities with financial planners as well as informative workshops to attend. Financial Planning Day has slowly picked up speed and is recognized by the CFP as well as gaining national momentum now that it is held in several cities across the United States.
Click Here (About 6MB) to see a photo album of the 2012 event held at Oakland City Hall.

FPD Event Site -

                       Financial Planning Days Flyer 

YouTube Videos-Video 1

                        Video 2 (TV News for 2012 FPD)




Since 2003 FPA in conjunction with the Salvation Army in Concord has donated over 1300 toys benefiting some of the 3,000 families the Concord Salvation Army serve. There is always a need, not just at the holidays but year-round, and in a special way.  The spirit of their giving is to help families take pride and responsibility in their efforts.  They offer a hand up, not a hand-out. 

Families who come to the church for assistance are treated with dignity and responsible for meaningful participation from the beginning of the process.  Each family meets with Salvation Army members and volunteers who review their situation and needs, including not just toys for their children, but food and clothing issues as well.  As part of the process, they “reserve” toys for each of their children through age 14.

Don't forget to make your donation to a local family in need today and visit