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Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee

PS - Robin (JPEG) Chair: Robin Tan, Ph.D., CFP

 Specific Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the chapter's public relations program.
  • Establishing and planning public events to cultivate public understanding of financial planning and the Financial Planning Association.
  • Promoting FPA on both the national, regional and local level.
  • To encourage and develop new media contacts.
  • Assist the director with contacting media outlets on a monthly basis regarding FPP articles.
  • Work closely with the media to communicate the goals and professionalism of the association.
  • Promote the media awareness of the annual Symposium.
  • Work with the Financial Planning Week Committee to prepare a supplement for one of the local newspapers.
  • This committee will meet at least quarterly and develop a strategic plan for the Public Relations committee.
  • Work with the Pro Bono committee to cross promote FPA events.
  • Promote the Seattle Financial Planning Makeover articles.

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