Chapter Resource Partners

FPA of Puget Sound is among the very elite group of local chapters, achieving prestigious awards each year from the Financial Planning Association, one of the largest most active financial advisor groups in the country with over 27,000 members and over 90 active local chapters. 


FPA of Puget Sound chapter meetings consist of members who are independent Certified Financial Planners® and financial planning professionals in the Puget Sound area.  Our newsletters and meeting notices go out to more that 400 FPA of Puget Sound members and over 900 prospects throughout the region.  So when you partner with FPA of Puget Sound -- your message is reaching out to the financial planning community.


2011 Partnership Brochure


Why Choose FPA of Puget Sound as Your Resource Partner?


Membership Loyalty
20 plus years 52%
15-20 years 7%
10-15 years 18%
10-5 years 27%
Less than 5 years 37%


Professional Designations
CFP – 73%
CPA – 8%
ChFC – 8 %
CLU – 8 %
Other – 8%


Generations of Members

57% - Baby Boomers (1940-1960)
34% - Generation X (1961-1980)

9% - Generation Y (1981-1990)


· The financial planning profession is listed on the top twenty professions of the future.


· Expected growth for the financial planning profession is 20% between 2008 and 2018.


· 77% of FPA members are in an executive position at their practice (includes list above and managers, directors and vice presidents). 



Key FPA of Puget Sound 2011 Dates

2011 Symposium - January 28, 2011
Chapter Meetings Projected for March, May, June, September and November (Ethics)



2011 Partnership Brochure