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GHV-English Channel (JPEG)English Channel Swim Hooks Clients
By Kelly Kearsley

A Dow Jones Newswires Column
-An adviser's grueling 13-hour swim attracts potential clients 
-Doesn't mention financial planning in his presentations but leaves business card
-Finds the low-key approach an effective one  
After three Ironman triathlons and a swim around the island of Manhattan, Sandford Wollman decided to swim across the English Channel. For a year, he trained for hours and took cold showers to acclimate his body to the Channel's chilly waters. Charged with gaining weight to keep warm, he also ate a pint of ice cream a day. Then, on July 20, 1995, he dumped a bottle of champagne into the channel, an offering to Neptune and Poseidon, and jumped in. Ten hours later he was in agony, his stroke slowing and his mouth swollen from the salt water. 
Sandford "Sandy" Wollman is the FPA GHV Director of Pro Bono and Public Awareness. Want to know how his story ends? Click here!  
Do you have a story or article that you would like published in our next E-News Update or posted on our website? Contact Sandy at (914) 481-1665 or

Our thanks to our Public Relations Partner Group M for their ongoing media outreach efforts and the publication of this article in the Dow Jones Newswires Column.


The True Purpose of Buy-Sell Agreements
 by Mark Brownstein

When a business partner unexpectedly dies, many problems may arise. One way to avoid common pitfalls and satisfy all concernerd parties is to put in place buy-sell agreements funded by life insurance. Click here to read the full article published in the Hudson Valley Business Journal (December 19, 2011).





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