Past Chapter Presidents:

Nicholas Kaiser: 1979/1980
Tom McAllister: 1980/1981
Gary Pittsford: 1981/1982
John Guy: early 1980's
Carl Grow: early 1980's
Elaine Bedel: 1980's (please see more about Elaine below)
Grace Worley: late 1980's
Channing (Chap) Mitzell: 1991-1993

Steve Ritz: 1999
Mark Cade: 2000
Brent Emerich: 2001
Brian Martin: 2002
Scott Ferguson: 2003
Gordon Homes: 2004
Liz Hoover: 2005
Mike Fields: 2006
Paul Coan: 2007
William Owen: 2008
Nancy Pitt: 2009
Jack Perry: 2010
Valerie Porter: 2011
Jessica Bokhart: 2012
Adan Diaz: 2013
John Wheeler: current


Elaine Bedel:
Elaine Bedel, CFP, arguably is the most important/effective person in Indiana’s participation in the financial planning movement.
Elaine created the first financial planning division of a major local bank, then did the same at Coopers & Lybrand.  She was one of the first four presidents of the local chapter of The International Association for Financial Planning, having served as program vice president the year prior.  She became a director of the IAFP national board in 1987, serving until 1991.  She was a candidate for national president.
In 1998 and 1999 she was chair of The Board of Practice Standards of the Certified Financial Planning Board.  Under her leadership, many practice standards were proposed, discussed, and adopted.  In 2002, she was chair of the parent board.  In 2004, she joined the board of the Foundation for Financial Planning, becoming its chair in 2011. 
She is a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and The Financial Planning Association, and has been a delegate to several meetings of international groups of financial planners. 
Elaine was editor of Midwest Financial Planner in 1986-87, and has served in advisory positions to many groups and businesses.
In Indianapolis, she served as Director of The Department of Metropolitan Development and board member of The Marion County Convention and Recreation Facilities Authority.  She is an active Rotarian, having served one year as president of The Rotary Club of Indianapolis, the largest in the state, and one of the largest in the world.

Read Elaine's resume here.


There are a number of Past Presidents that we unfortunately do not know the year(s) they served:

Bruce Jacobs
Shelley Willingham
Mic Miner
Ron Dison
Chuck Sherman
Leonard Neisler


If you can help us with any of the incomplete information or if you have any further information (i.e. the history of The Institute of Certified Financial Planners or about the mergers that resulted in the formation of The Financial Planning Association in Indiana) please email Roxanne McGettigan, Chapter Executive, with this information.