Goals and Values

The Financial Planning Association is the membership organization for the financial planning community. FPA's primary aim is to be the community that fosters the value of financial planning, and advances the practice and profession of financial planning.  FPA's strategy to accomplish its objectives involves welcoming all those who advance the financial planning process and promoting the CFP® marks as the cornerstone of the financial planning profession.  FPA members are dedicated to supporting the financial planning process in order to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

FPA benefits the public by helping to ensure that financial planning is delivered through competent, ethical financial planners.  These planners share the core values of FPA.  These values are so integral to the planning process, that a planner would not abandon them even if they were penalized for holding to them. 

These values are:

  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Stewardship

FPA of Long Island strives to achieve those objectives that will complete our mission.  The objectives of our chapter include:

  • Unify the voice, focus and resources of the financial planning community.
  • Grow the organization by bringing together those who champion the financial planning process.
  • Cultivate the body of knowledge of personal financial planning.
  • Advance brand awareness for professional financial planners, building the CFP® certification as the hallmark of the brand. 
  • Define and effectively communicate a common understanding of the discipline of personal financial planning and the benefits of its use.
  • Facilitate the success of our members.

FPA of Long Island provides its members with continuing education to build awareness for a unified approach to solving client's financial problems, to establish an ongoing dialogue with other industry professionals and to maintain high ethical standards.

FPA of Long Island's annual "Success Forum" convention attracts one of the largest groups of financial planning professionals in the world.  The convention also offers hundreds of corporate exhibitors the opportunity to present products and services designed for the professional planner.  During the year, regularly scheduled seminars and workshops keep members abreast of changes in laws, taxes and industry trends.

FPA of Long Island is committed to improve and enhance the professional lives and capabilities of its members.  Through its continual programs of education and exchange of information, FPA helps its members respond quickly to the ever-changing need of their client's financial goals.