About Us

The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®)is one of the largest, most active, and most sophisticated financial professional groups in the country with approximately 24,000 members and close to 100 active local chapters.  The Financial Planning Association of Michigan (FPA MI) is widely recognized as a leader in the financial planning community. 

The Financial Planning Association of Michigan (FPA MI) is an organization of financial planning practitioners and allied professionals throughout the State of Michigan sharing ideas, knowledge and support.  FPA of Michigan provides a forum for:

• Discussion of practice management ideas
• Sharing of financial planning strategies
• Outstanding education experiences
• Staying on the cutting edge of new developments and technology

FPA MI promotes its members in reaching their highest potential for serving their clients' needs.  FPA MI encourages and facilitates the achievement of the CFP® mark.  FPA MI is committed to give back to the communities in which we have membership.

The FPA MI is the preeminent organization for financial planning professionals throughout the State of Michigan.

Planning Pays Off!

Fact*:  70% of members are CFP's,
 10% are ChFCs, CLUs or CPAs

Fact*:  73% have at least a Bachelor's
 29% have a Masters

Fact*:  45% are both fee based and brokerage/commission based
 26% are fee based
 23% are unspecified
   6% are brokerage/commission based

Fact*:  Top financial services provided:
  Retirement Planning
  Financial Planning
  Investment/Asset Management
  Estate Planning

Fact*:  You should be involved!

*Based on Chapter Profile Report from FPA National (1/2009)