Mentoring Program

What: FPA of Michigan Mentoring Program

Why:  The goal of the FPA of MI Mentoring Program is to bring together established planners and new planners (including career-changers or career explorers) for the opportunity to learn and grow; to bridge the gap between those with little (or no) financial planning business experience; to provide a solid method and opportunity for the  transfer of knowledge, experience, and skills, with a focus on transference from one generation to the next; ensuring the continued growth and future success of the financial planning profession in Michigan.

When:  For students, the coordination of the program should be done during the fall semester of school, through the school career development departments, e-mail campaigns to professors and students and in-classroom discussions/presentations.  For career changers (those already in full time jobs), the coordination of the program should be done throughout the year with detailed information and contacts posted on the FPA website and through non-degree college programs that assist with CFP, CFA, etc. 

Where:  Meetings will be held in the Detroit Metro area.  As the program develops, we will explore holding meetings at additional locations throughout the state of MI.  The mentoring programs and presentations are implemented by Career Development Committee.

Who:  Mentors are needed for this program to be a success.  At a minimum, Mentors must be a CFP® with a minimum of 5 years work experience. If interested in participating, please complete the attached Mentor Application and forward it to Ginny Sherrow.  Should you wish to have more information regarding this program, please feel free to contact any of the following members of the Career Development Committee?

  1. Jennifer Flaherty
  2. Adam Funk
  3. Thomas Rabaut
  4. Mike Rautiola
  5. Ginny Sherrow
  6. Troy Wyman

Who:  Mentees – Students that are enrolled in a CFP Program or finance related degree program at a local university and are legitimately interested in a career as a financial planner.  Students must have witnessed an in-classroom mini-career day discussion about “The Day in the Life of a CFP” or been contacted directly by a committee member.  An application must be completed prior to acceptance into the program.
Who:  Mentees – Career-Changers that are enrolled in the CFP Program or other finance related degree program or have some experience in the field and have a legitimate interest in pursuing a career as a financial planner. Attendance to “A Day in the Life of a CFP” and an application must be completed prior to acceptance in the program.