2014 Board of Directors



2014 Chapter President
Kathleen A Stewart, JD, AIF®
BNY Mellon
(412) 236-7090


Financial "Four" Um Chair
Stephanie C. McElheny, CFP®
Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.
(412) 633-1524

James R. Boughner, CFP®
The Beechwood Company
(412) 471-6420

Immediate Past President
Brian T. Gongaware, CFP®, CRPC®
McKinley Carter Wealth Services, Inc.
(724) 940-4400

Director of Membership
Paul Brahim, CFP®, AAMS, CMFC, AIFA
BPU Investment Management, Inc.
(412) 288-9150


Corporate Relations/
Partnership Director
Richard Lerach, CFP®, AIF® 
Gateway Financial
(412) 497-1766

Director of Government Relations 
Mark Ambrose, CFP® 
(412) 477-1102


Director of Public Relations
Mark B. Johnston, CFP®
PNC Wealth Management
(724) 981-2423


Director of Pro-Bono
Amanda L. Priebe, CFP®
PNC Wealth Management
(412) 768-1505

Director of Communications and
Newsletter Chair
Brian D. Stumpf, CFP®, CRPC®
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
(724) 799-2782



Director of Programs
Ed Lettieri
American Century Investments
(888) 254-1434


Director at Large Concentrating on Programs
Jennie Zioncheck
The Pittsburgh Foundation


Director at Large Concentrating on
Corporate Partnerships
Adam Embry
Dollar Bank F.S.B.


Director at Large
Michael Aroesty, CFP®, AIF®
D.B. Root & Co.


Chapter Executive
Ann W. McKenna 
(412) 653-1054