President's Message 2014

Pitts-Kathleen Stewart imagePresident's Message

On behalf of the FPA of Pittsburgh’s board of directors, we extend our best wishes to you in this holiday season. We appreciate the contributions you make to FPA and to our profession. In the year ahead, we hope you are able to facilitate positive change in both yourself and others.   

Like many, our profession requires continual adaptation to change. Transitioning into the New Year finds us immersed in activities on many issues in response to client, regulatory, technological and other industry matters. Unlike our reaction to external matters, our striving for personal and professional change causes us to make proactive resolutions. When trying to follow our year-end resolutions, we find the path exhilarating but often frustrating at the same time. We experience limited success and may give up before we instill personal or professional change.

Ironically, the assistance of others can be instrumental to our own success. In the same manner, we can enable others to effectuate positive professional and personal change. Facilitating education of others in our profession is a great way to promote positive change. FPA is dedicated to providing education of those who can make a difference in the financial and personal lives of others. I encourage you to remain vigilant not only for learning opportunities involving technical issues within our profession, but also to those opportunities where you might educate, inspire or otherwise enable others to make positive professional and personal change happen. As a co-worker, employer, mentor or supportive friend of a professional colleague, you have the ability to make a difference and help others become successful in that regard. When you become an advocate and/or educate others, you may ensure positive change in our profession, those you assist, and invariably within yourself. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

Kathleen A. Stewart