Join the Media Response Team


The FPA of SWFL Media Response Team

The Media Response Team offers members an excellent opportunity for public exposure and a chance to share their unique insights in financial planning, investment, insurance, and other topics. The team receives regular inquiries from a wide range of national and local publications. Members of the team are reminded that when the media calls on them through this service they are representing the Financial Planning Association and not their individual practices. Team Members ask the reporter to include our Chapter name, website and Mantra in the article.

Our Chapter Mantra:
"Studies have shown that people who have a written financial plan and work with a Financial Planner are more confident about their future, and the place to begin your search for a Financial Planner is with the Financial Planning Association of SWFL."

If you are interested in being a part of the FPA of SWFL Media Response Team, please contact your Chapter Administrator.

Reporters are encouraged to contact our Chapter President.