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August 2011 Meeting

The Financial Planning Association of SWFL will be joining the American Legion
in packaging and providing care boxes to our troops.  Our August 23rd meeting
will be held at the American Legion, Naples where we will have one hour of CE
and the remaining time we will pack boxes. Our goal would be to send 75 boxes
which typically costs around $2,500 (this includes the items for the packages
and the discounted postage).  The Financial Planning Association of SWFL has
generously agreed to start us off with $500 towards our goal.  If you would like
to participate in this event you can do one of the following:

1.      Help Pack Boxes - Attend the August meeting and help pack the boxes.

2.      Buy items for the Boxes – Attached is a list of suggested items for Troop
         Packages (Slim Jims, puzzle books, small size deodorant).  I will be collecting
         items at each meeting between now and August.

3.      Sponsor a Box – Each box is approximately $34.  If you would like to sponsor
         a box, please write the check to American Legion Auxiliary Unit 135 (this is a
         tax deductable donation). Please bring the check to future meetings where I
         will be collecting them.

4.      Donate – Donate an additional amount. Please see above check instructions.

With the funds that are donated, I will go shopping with an Auxiliary member the
weekend before the event to buy any remaining items needed for the boxes.

The Auxiliary has asked if we have any troop names that we would like to send to
as well.  If you know a deployed soldier that you would like to have receive a package,
please provide their name, address and a local contact.  The Auxiliary will add the
soldier to their list and include them on future package distributions.

If you have any questions between now and then, please feel free to contact me,
Libby McHugh (Pro Bono and Public Outreach Director for FPA SWFL),
at or 239-659-4110.


October 3, 2010 Hotline


James Applegate, CFP® Jim Reddington, CFP®

John Boyd, CFP®

Larry Rosenberg, CFP®
Doug Finley, CFP® Mike Sbertoli, CFP®
Arlene Foreman, CFP® Reina Schlager, CPA
Don Haisman, CFP® Corey Vertich, CFP®
Bob Matheson, CFP® Paul Weinstein, CFP®
Gary Medley, CFP® Scott White, CFP®
Renee Porter-Medley, CFP®  


March 7th, 2010 Hotline


Arlene Foreman, CFP® John Boyd, CFP®
Darryll Bauchert, CFP® Larry Rosenberg, CFP®
Doug Finley, CFP® Renee Porter-Medley, CFP®
Ed Bell, CFP®  Roy Wasson, CFP®
Erik Heben, CFP® Scott White, CFP® 
Jim Applegate, CFP® Vince Grippa, CFP®
Jim Reddington, CFP®  


 February 1st, 2010 Financial Clinic


J. Corey Vertich, CFP® Kathleen Fitzgerald, CFP®
Ed Bell, CFP® Renee Porter- Medley, CFP®
Jim Applegate, CFP® Scott Schatzle, CFP®
John Kozak, CFP® Scott White, CFP®
Larry Rosenberg, CFP® Tom Horner
Libby McHugh,CFP® Vince Grippa, CFP®



(Left: Professor Steve Fraser, Mark Vertich, Kayla Mashke, William P. Valenti,
Renee Porter-Medley, Dan Regelski, Trevor Briede, and Ed Bell)