Message from the President

2014 President - Roy Ames

Welcome to the 2014 Financial Planning Website (FPA) Tulsa Website. I am glad you have taken time to visit and invite you to stay and look around. The Financial Planning Association of Tulsa is composed of professionals dedicated to help navigate the changing landscape of investing. By being a member of FPA Tulsa they are committed to being involved and

·        Associate with other financial and allied professionals

·        Stay current by attending classes, seminars, and earning continuing education hours

·        Help advocate to others the benefit of a professional helping with all aspects of financial planning

·        Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct

Too often we focus on things we have no control over. We get anxious over changes in weather, traffic, or worry about the daily changes in the stock market. Doing this we forget the bigger picture. We need to focus on what we have control over and do the necessary items so we are prepared. Do we have good tires on our car, is there an emergency kit on board, do our loved ones know where we are going and when we will return, do I have a weather radio, where will I shelter, or what goal do we have for our investments?

Financial professionals who are members of FPA work with clients to ensure they are looking at the big picture and have in place the critical items for peace of mind. These include a financial plan, an estate plan, proper risk protection and more.

So thank you for stopping by. Do not hesitate to contact any member to discuss your specific situation and how members of FPA can bring clarity to your life.