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About This Logo

This logo is provided in three different file formats. Choose the one that best fits your needs using the below descriptions and follow the download instructions.

Available Image Formats & Descriptions


Jpeg is best used for on-screen display or e-mail exchange of low-resolution images, and is not suitable for high resolution commercial printing.


PDF (Portable Document Format) uses the PostScript printer description language and is highly portable across computer platforms for document exchange.


Tiff (Tagged Image File Format) is a bitmap graphics format that is ideal for high resolution printing.

Download Instructions 

  1. To download the Individual Member Logo, choose the file format that best suits your needs.
  2. Once you've determined that, simply click on the appropriate download link — Download Jpeg, Download PDF or Download Tiff — found just below the graphic of the logo.
  3. After you've opened the file, click "Save As" and save the file to a location on your computer.
  4. You should now be able to use the image in your marketing material or on your Web site. If you have questions, please contact FPA Member Services at 800.322.4237.  

Individual Member Logo

Member Logo Sample, 2012

Please Note: Individual member logos may only be used by individuals. The FPA Member Logo may not be extended for broader use by any firms, organizations, non-member individuals, or other third-party entities.