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Aug 30 2010 12:00AM


I started drawing Social Security in January before I turned 65 as the Social Security agent suggested. If I had waited until May for full retirement age, I would have lost five months or $5,000 plus. I am 72 now and have been working ever since I started drawing Social Security. Of course I get a little more each year for as long as I am working. Now I am unable to work for physical health reasons. I had hoped to work until at least 75. Can I draw disability even though I have been drawing Social Security but have still been working?


FPA member Scott Cole, CFP®, of Cole Financial Planning, quoted from Social Security Administration Publication number 05-10153: "If you are receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, your disability benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits." 

“Therefore, you would not qualify for an additional disability benefit under the scenario you described,” Cole said.

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